Hi all,

- we have IDM 3.5.1 Runnig
- we have Lotus Notes 6.5.4 Server running

So far - everything seems to be working - Users are correctly created
in Lotus Notes - the ID File does exist. Even the Password change in
the ID File works perfect. Further more - the Roaming Files are created
as well - at the place where we would like to have it.

Users can login into ther Notes - using the ID File created by
IDM/Notes. Also after a Password change - the NEW ID File is good
enough to login.

After a Succesfull user Login - the User is only able to open the
Contacts + Personal Journal Database. If the user tries to acces Mail,
Calendar or the ToDo List, it always gets the ERROR - You are not
authorized to perform that operation.

Possible reason found:
Checking the MailFile at the Server, the user does have full acess
(Manager) to its own MailFile. This is NOT the case for the Roaming
Files - there the user only is register, but the Access Level is "No

a) Did anyone see this before
b) Can anyone explain whats wrong here
c) Does anyone possibly know, why Users do not have access to their own
roaming Files

There was a similar Thread, regarding IDM 3.0.1 in the Forum - but the
suposed actions did not help here, as the MailFile in Particular is
from the first view, checking the ACL, not affected!

I tried to create manual a User, using NotesAdmin and same Certifier
File. The User was created perfectly, and no problems occured. Also the
Roamin Files beeng added with manager Rights in the ACL.



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