I'm working on a DelimText driver here that is being fed CSV files from
an application (PeopleSoft Student Administration). I'm getting three
files, all with related but different information.

First file contains biographic info (Name, etc.) and is used to create
an account for the person.

Second file contains course information (comp sci 100, accounting 101,
etc.) and is used to create group objects representing the courses being
taught in the current semester.

Third file contains course enrollment info (ie: bob is taking comp sci
100, mary is taking accounting 101, sam is no longer taking comp sci
100, and etc.). This is used then to put the appropriate accounts in to
the correct groups and remove the ones that shouldn't be there any more.

Individually, none of these is all that complicated. What I'm having
trouble getting my mind around is the need to serialize these. They need
to be processed in order, as otherwise they make no sense. The DelimText
driver doesn't seem to have a way to select which file to process, it
just grabs CSV files from the input directory and processes them.

Since these all have very different formats, I'm pretty much assuming
I'll need to have three DelimText drivers to handle these three files.
But, in that case, how to synchronize the drivers themselves so that
they don't all run at the same time?

So far, the only ideas I have involve using a Linux host, cron, and
shell scripts to manage the files (insert first file, wait for file to
be renamed *.csv to *.bak, then insert second file, etc.). That'd
probably work, but seems less than elegant. Alternately, to allow all
three to show up at the same time, but using dxcmd to start and stop the
driver(s) so that they only process in order.

Any other good ideas?

David Gersic dgersic_@_niu.edu

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