Hi to all, I'm working with policy builder and I need your help. Before
posting this one I've made a deep search on the forum but I can't find


I'm working with two drivers, one of them is a WorkOrder Driver. What i
want is postpone an entire operation.
The first driver on publisher side sends a modify operation to IDM.
In this scenario I have saved the "modify operation" into a local
variable (nodeset type). Then I have created a Workorder object and in
the DirXML-nwoContent attribute I have attached the modify operation
using XMLSerialize method:

<arg-value type="string">
<token-local-variable name="local.operation"/>

All this works fine.

When the workorder is being processed, in the WorkOrder Driver
Publisher Channel i would be able to copy the DirXML-nwoContent after
the "worktodo add" operation

<do-append-xml-text expression=".">
<token-op-attr name="DirXML-nwoContent"/>

Here is the problem: DirXML-nwoContent has been serialized and it is
added as you can see here:

&lt;modify class-name="User" dest-dn="otb\Staging\AB"
dest-entry-id="48930" event-id="PeopleSoft+560" src-dn="AB">
&lt;modify-attr attr-name="DeptCode">
&lt;modify-attr attr-name="LeaveAt">
&lt;value timestamp="1199792208#5"
&lt;modify-attr attr-name="EffectiveDate">
&lt;value timestamp="1199712843#14"

This XML cannot be processed by the Shim.
I could use XMLParse and reconvert the entire DirXML-nwoContent into a
Local Variable (type=nodeset) using XMLParse() but in this case I'm not
able to append it using Append XML text, because his format is XML

I can see two ways:
1- Find a way to deserialize DirXML-nwoContent transform "&lt; into <"
2- Find a way to add the Nodeset local variable into XML processed by
the WorkOrderChannel

If anyone has some ideas....


For now i'm adding the xml inside the "add workorder operation"

<do-append-xml-text *expression=".">*
<token-op-attr name="DirXML-nwoContent"/>

How can i add the operation to his ancestor?

I've tried without success:
<do-append-xml-text *expression="..">*
<do-append-xml-text *expression="../">*
<do-append-xml-text *expression="../../input">*

Thank you in advance


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