I am using IDM 3.0.1 BE and have a AD driver setup & working but I would
like to have the format of the fullname changed. Currently when the
admin creates a user in iManager the fullname is in the format of
"Firstname Lastname" and this syncronizes over to AD in the same

Accounts in AD that were created before the IDM was introduced were in
the format of "Lastname, Firstname" (AD domain was previously a NT
domain with Exchange 5.5). So now we have all of the old accounts in
"Lastname, Firstname" format and all the new accounts in "Firstname
Lastname" format. Mgmt would like to keep the accounts in the
"Lastname, Firstname" format because it is easier to search in the
Exchange address lists.

Problem is that the accounts don't want to sync when the accounts are
created "Lastname, Firstname" in iManager AND my knowledge of writing
rules in IDM is very basic at best. I can go into "AD Users and
Computers" and change it after the sync but that's not very
"automated". How can I accomplish this task through IDM?


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