I was running the password expiration driver [Lothar's driver] for a
little over a week during which I was receiving debugging messages and
users were being notified of their password expiration. One morning this
past week I didn't receive any debug message, so I checked the driver to
make sure it was running. It was running, so I decided to restart it, and
it has not come back up since then. When I try to start the driver, it
stays in the starting mode and nothing comes through the trace file in any
trace level. This is the second time I ran into this issue. The first time
I ended up having to unload/reaload the dirxml engine/module. I made
changes to some policies/rules in the driver, but I don't think that would
have affected the way the driver interacts with the dirxml engine.

I am running IDM 3.5.1 with edir 8.8.1 on SLES 10 SP1.