Hi All

I Have the following challange.

I Have a JDBC driver

One of the informating is sends to Identity Vault is a end date for a
specific event in the format yyyy-mm-dd This Information is used to set
Login expiration time(Works Fine).If A user sign for a new event(In APPs)
within 90 days the login Expiration time should be updated with this date.

1. Challange
The enddate from the apps should be added with 90 dayes, ofcource only to
be updated if the new date is longer into the future. Have can I calclate
this before updating the field Login Expiration time.

2. Challange
If The login expiration is older than Todays day, I want to delete the
user. How is this best Accomplised. I Was thinking on the loopback and
workorder driver, I need to run this once a day.