If I set a local variable as driver scope the documentation says "Driver:
Variable is visible to all policies within the current driver until the
driver is stopped.". I've got a policy that sets some vars in the Event
transform. The first thing it does is to set the vars to 'na'. Then it
calcs the location of the user in operation and assigns the location to the
var. This worked just fine under the development, but in production it
seems like the var has a different value down the channel. Is it possible
that the var can be set by another syncronization? If i.e. I modify user A
and then user B and the process of user A is not finished before user B
reaches the Event transform, will user A get user B's value of the local

I've got a edir-edir driver and I want my IDV to be authoritative so I want
the filter to reset the production side of the driver. What I have done is
to set the pub on the idv side, and the sub on the prod side to reset. This
seems to work just fine, but I wonder if it would be better to only set it
on one of the sides? The pub side, I suppose.

Frode Sjovatsen