hi all,

we have several users and they have some attributes(manager,
joblocation...etc) with dn values like below...

manager: dn: uid=abc, ou=xyz, ou=people, o=myorg
joblocation: dn: l=city, dc=county,dc=state, dc=us

when driver try to sync the user, user synced to other directory but
these attributes are not synced and giving below error...

Driver: \TREE2\services\Identity Vault\Legacy driver
Channel: Subscriber
Object: \TREE2\myorg\people\srt\mnc
Status: Warning
Message: Code(-8003) Unable to synchronize reference touid=abc,
ou=xyz, ou=people, o=myorg

its not showing anything more than this about the error and user get
synced between two directories.
I'm trying to sync from sun one to edirectory and vice versa.

anybody have an idea how to sync those attributes with dn values like

thanks and best regards

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