I'm having an issue with the Matching policy between eDirectory and Active Directory. The subscriber placement policy is Flat and the publisher policy is Mirrored. I have the Create Group rule in the subscriber channel disabled.

I created a group with the same name in both eDirectory and Active Directory but they did not match up. Looking at the log file, I saw the driver looking for the matching group in a specific OU in AD. So I created that OU, moved the group there, and then the matching policy worked. Specifically,

The eDirectory group name is AlbertDec18.Albert.Edna. eDir base container is Edna.
The AD group name was AlbertDec18.Zinfandel.george.com. AD base container is Zinfandel.

The log showed it was looking for the AD group: dn=CN=AlbertDec18,OU=AlbertAlbertDec18,OU=Zinfande l,DC=george,DC=com

That is, it concantenated the names of the eDir OU and eDir CN to form an AD OU to look at. Anyone understand why? I will do traces and upload the results tomorrow.

Dave Mizenko