I'm using IDM 3.5 exchange 5.5 driver connecting to Exchange 5.5 Server
sitting on Windows NT4.0.

My problem is that, when the driver is trying to delete the
proxy-address and secondary-proxy-addresses in Exchange5.5, It cannot
delete these values.

I had try to put the proxyflg in the driver parameter, Mapping Internet
EMail Address with Proxy-Address (Synch). But still It cannot be
deleted. The from the Windows Event Viewer came as c00000e6 which I
have no clue how I could fix.

I also try another way round by not putting the proxyflg, but trying to
map the proxy-address to Internet EMail Address and
secondary-proxy-address to another custom attributes with 'notify'
filtering. Then on add or modify events, I simply set destination attr
based on the changes. but when it comes to the deletion. When the
driver reaches clear value or remove value command, there is no error
comes, but it just simply bypass the remove or clear command and does
not make any changes.

Anyone could help or guide me anyhow I could delete the proxy-addresses
and secondary-proxy-addresses ?

Thx in advance

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