Hello All,

sorry to come up with such a simple and possibly stupid question - but it
might enhance the NotesDriver by a missing feature.

We are/have developed a Method, which allows us, to replace the user.id
File which is roamed within the Users Roaming Names.nsf File.

Now - stupid I was - I did not think of how to call this EXE File, running
on Windows.

To call it - I need to run our Program together with the path of the
roamed Names.nsf, the new User.id File (name must not be user.id) and the
new Password of the user.id File.

Certainly, this must happen, after the user.id Files has been changed
trough the driver, otherwise this will not work

Now my question - can, if this is even possible, anyone explain, how I can
call this EXE at the RemoteLoader together with the Mentioned Options.
--> To mention - I learned already, that it was not possible to run JARs
outside the Engine but possibly there is a way, as the NotesDirver also is
able to uses DLLs which does by example change the Password and so forth.
Maybe I need here some help from development to, to get this running.

Thanks for giving an advise.