I'm not quite sure how to do this, but it seems like I should be able to.

1. I have a mapping table that has values in one column that are regular expressions and a second with email addys

<col-def name="sendto" type="nocase"/>
<col-def name="regexes" type="nocase"/>
<col-def name="Status" type="nocase"/>

2. I want to lookup all regexes in that table that match the attr value for a user So...
For each value from regexes column
If current column value matches op-attr TITLE then yes else no

I've got all the loops etc that I need, but I can't figure out how to use the value from the mapping table as an expression instead of literal text when comparing to the attribute. Is there a way to expand that or reclassify it instead of the literal?

Thanks in advance as always!!!