I have a working work order driver pulling work orders out of
services\idm\workorders\sponsorships and put work to do objects in
services\idm\worktodo\sponsorships. The driver is working fine. iManager,
however, seems unhappy with this. When using the Work Order Management task and
selecting the work order driver, iManager returns an error that 'The container
specified by the work order driver cannot be found. Please select another work
order driver.'

The only configuration on the driver object I can find is for the work order
container, which is correct. I'm guessing it doesn't like that the worktodo and
the workorder containers are not peer containers in the same branch, as they are
in the default config. The driver itself seems quite happy with it, but the
iManager plug-in is not.

Does this jive with other's experiences? Anyone else arrange their work order
container similarly? I have the problem with iManager 2.6 and 2.7, both with
the IDM 3.5.1 plug-ins.