As Administrator, I am attempting to install the 3.5.1 MetaDirectory Engine
and just two drivers (no iManager components, no Utilities) in a new Windows
2003 Server R2 (32 bit). The install fails every time with a pop message
from the installer which is typed lower down in this in this posting. The
server is fully patched and has eDirectory 8.8 SP2 installed. I presume
that the error is not in the installer.exe per se, because after five attempts
to do the install, I tried just installing the Remote Loader instead of the
Metadirectory Engine and that worked fine. My install selection is the MetaDirectory
Engine plus the eDirectory driver and the Lotus Notes driver.
If anyone has any ideas why this might happen (it's never happend to me on
any server before) then your guidance would be most appreciated.
lists W2K3 R2 32bit as a suitable OpSys

Regards Johan