We have recently updated the Peoplesoft driver to version 5.0.1 on DirXML 2.
Since this update dates from Peoplesoft have been arriving into the identity
vault in the MM/DD/YYYY format rather than the DD/MM/YYYY we had previously.
The data from Peoplesoft is definately in the correct DD/MM/YYYY format and
it is getting manipulated somewhere along the line. It might be nothing to
do with the driver update but it seems to have happened around this time.

The updated files were psoftshim.jar, psjoa.jar & newci.jar. I'm not an
expert as you can probably tell but I assume that the psoftshim file was the
Novell update and the others were API's complied from Peoplesoft?

Has anyone else seen this issue or can you shed some light on what might
have happened?

Thanks a lot,