I am hooking up a PeopleSoft system to a production eDir server, and I am
running into a problem with the update of existing accounts. Our
Peoplesoft system is the authoritative source for account creation and
some other data. What is going on is that when I send a modify from the PS
system to the eDir server for an account that already exists and was not
created by the PS driver, I get the following error:

Code(-9010) An exception occurred: novell.jclient.JCException: createEntry

If I delete the account in the eDir server and send another modify/add,
the account is successfully added to the eDir server, and any subsequent
modifications are also successful. Is that being caused by the
unassociation of the account with the PS driver? If so, how can I fix that
without having to delete over 8,000 accounts? If not, what else could be
going on here?