I've an issue in sync mapping table between two different eDirectory trees.

Disabled drivers in both directories.

Created a mapping table with few rows in first directory. As driver is not
active driver didn't cache new object so it won't create this mapping
table object in 2nd directory.

Enabled and start drivers in both directories.
As mapping table creation event didn't get cached by driver I selected the
mapping table and migrated. Now first vault sent clear DOM document to 2nd
vault. 2nd vault received DOM document and created mapping table in 2nd
vault. This mapping table has same entries what's there in First vault.

Next I Updated mapping table with one more row in first vault. first vault
driver took this event and created a DOM document for these changes on the
attribute. Its instructing to remove all value from attribute DirXML-Data
and add new value. But when I go to 2nd vault, 2nd vault driver shows its
receiving DOM document from application (first Vault) but I don't see the
actual value. I don't know why this document not coming to 2nd vault.

here is the trace for modification from first vault

trace from 2nd tree

can some one tell me why update not going to 2nd directory.
if i try to create new mapping table in first vault while driver is
active, first vault driver creates DOM document but 2nd vault driver
creates object with same object class and CN in 2nd vault but doesn't have
anything in table (not event i can see the table)