Since there is no group for IDM-installation, then i try this group!

We have a remote server 300km away that is running OES2 Linux.
On this server we want to install IDM 3.5.1

It seems that its impossible to install remotely. Is there i way to go
Is it possible to mound server-cdrom on my workstation, or mount local
workstation cdrom to server?

If i dont misstake, this is what we do if we install IDM on Netware. Then
you have to install remotely.

I also login to server trough Novell Client, but with no luck.

Alternativ is to call someone to download IDM again and put the cdrom into
the server. Since i have DVD-version and i can connect remotly to server,
it would be fine to install remotly.


Best regard,
Ronny Simonsen
Narvik - Norway