We had an Identity Manager solution installed by some consultants
almost a year ago to sync our Edirectory and Active Directory.

Unfortunately they went into liquidation after finishing the project,
so I'm very much trying to figure things out to no avail. Please
forgive me if this is a question with an obvious answer - your
assistance will greatly help me understand things.

Recently I've been working on an electronic new user form, which
generates a CSV file to be imported through IDM. We did consider
using the UserApp, but it was not flexible enough, so adopted this

Our company policy states that usernames are to be generated as

1. (upto) the first seven digits of surname/family name followed by
single first initial.
2. If that already exists, use six digits of surname/family name
followed by first two letters of first name.
3. If that already exists, use five digits of surname followed by
first three letters of first name.

Ultimately, if a unique username cannot be generated using this
method, we would use middle initial, or even a number, but it would be
acceptable for IDM to fail in this instance if the rule would be too

Can you provide an example of how I might incorporate this as part of
the CSV driver?

Many thanks,