hi all,

I try synchronize user-Objects with PIN+Token (VASCO Digipass) between
two diffrent Netware-TREES. The TREE structure is mirrored and Group-,
User- and Vasko-Objects are synchronized with IDM (Identity Manager
3.0) in both direction.

edir1 (TREE1 Netware 6.5) <==> edir2 (TREE2 Linux eDir8.8)

The VASCO-Token Objects reside in one Container (ou=VASCO). These
Objects and all their attributes are also synchronized.

I assign a Token-Object to a User (edir1) with C1 or iManager 2.6. Than
i got a message that the assignment was successfully done. No problem
with TREE1!!

Now I go to eDir2 and select the User Object with C1. C1 Shows an Error
"Invalid DigiPass Pointer". It seems that in TREE2 the assignment
DigiPass-Token and User is not correct. After Comparing the two
User-Objects in TREE1 and TREE2 I found out that the Attribut "SAS
Configuration" is missing at the User Object in TREE2. The "SAS
Configuration Key"-Attribut and all other DigiPass-Attributes were
successfully synchronized. Even the "SAS Configuration"-Attribut is in
the drivers filter (eDir1+eDir2) I am not able to get this Attribut
Any suggestions on that problem?

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