Have previously installed Netware 6.5 SP 5 (OES) and subsequently
installed the Bundle Edition that came in that media Kit - this
autoactivated the Budle Edition IDM - and I was happy :-)

Just installed NetWare OES 2 (SP7) and subsequently installed the IDM 3.5
Bundle edition from my NDSEL kit trusting that this would also
auto-activate, but this did not happen - i just got a 3 month eval period.

I have double checked the docs and all I can find is that OES must be
installed on the server first and then the Bundle edition install will
autoactivate - what will not work according to the doc is to install a
non-oes Netware end the install a bundle (example Netware SP3 non-OES +
However nothing is stated that the bundle edition must come from a Media
Kit, but I suspect that this may be the cause, because what else is
different ?

Any help appreciated :-)