Using the HTML interface so I cannot post trace, sorry.

I have a remote loader on AIX (rdxml, not dirxml_remote) and the Driver
shim for SAP-HR calls sapjco.jar which is throwing an initialization error.

To troubleshoot further I need to set the two parameters:


If I were doing this on the Engine, I think I know how to do it. But this
is a remote loader. I read through the /etc/rdxml script and I do not see
it using any variables I could take advantage of. Nor do I see it calling
Java. Looks like rdxml.bin implicitly calls Java itself to load the
remote loader instance. (ps -ef shows it as rdxml.bin that is running.)

I tried adding a -Djco.trace_level=10 and so on line to the Remote loader
.conf file, but that just errored that it is an invalid value for the
remote loader.

Any hints?