I have configured a jdbc-driver that uses information from a db2-database
in a metacatalogue.

The configuration is trigerless, I have developed a view that I syncronise
the driver with. The keyfield in the view (PK_IDU) is the social security
number, and the matching is based on this field. The problem is that each
social security number (person) can be represented in more than one row in
the view (the employeer can be empoyed at more than one unit in the same


PK_IDU ID Name Organizational Unit field2 field3 etc
123456 Y Peter Markets x y
123456 N Peter Backoffice as wekrjslkj
123456 N Peter Support alsdj skjdf
234567 Y Justin Markets skdj skdj
345678 Y Michael Markets aaa ssss

As long as each PK_IDU is represented only one time in the view everything
is working out really great, but if one PK_IDU has more than one row, the
driver only take notice of the first row , even if there are diffrence in
the values of the other columns. I would like to have the driver working
as follows:

-Firs time, map every fields with the useraccount in the catalogue (this
already works fine) The view is sorted in the right way so that I get the
right post to accomplish this, I also can use the ID flag in doing this -

If ther are mor than one row per PK_IDU, do the following
-check that id = N, if so:
-Just match on social security number and if there is a match (the user
already exist in idm) just map a certain attribute (organizational unit)
from the database with an attribute that is declared as multiple in the
catalogue. After this, make the operation veto and write this attribute to
the catalogue. Go on with the next row.
Go on with this procedure for each row in the view with this PK_IDU.

Is it possible to make this happen without re-writing the view and have a
loop etc for this certain attribute? Is it possible to make the driver
understand that there are diffrences in columns although the PK_IDU is the
same? If not, are there any good suggestions how to accompish this?

Excuse me for the bad writing, please ask if anything is unclear...
Thanks in advance...