Some questions about creating Secret Store credentials...
1. TID 3768058 explains how using Secret Store you can automate your login
to Windows. I am trying to provision these credentials with IDM
3.5.1. I am getting an error:
SecretType 'A' is not currently supported.

I have tried 'A' 'N' 'C' 'O' and 'S' all come back not supported.
Is there anytying else I can try to successfully provision a SecretStore

2. The credential ID needs to be:
\\\WindowsClient32:NMAS v.1.0\<domain>\<username>

I need to generate the <username> portion from the user triggering
the event, but the id line in the "set SSO Credential" action can't be
dynamic for each user. I am going to try to set a local variable
then call that local variable as the id, but can't get past the error in

Will this method work or is there no way to generate dynamic credential

Background info:
Secret Store version is 3.3.5
IDM Version is according to dxcmd.

~Forrest Evans