IDM 3.5.1 (Netware)
MAD Driver on a 2003 server

At present I only wish to sync passwords, account disabled, password
expired, account lock out.

I have Two separate networks (MAD and EDIR). User names are identical for
both systems and have been treated as two completely separate networks and
will continue to be separate.

Installed basic set up of IDM and seems to be working correctly, users are
being created, syncing of information...great!

This is my issue.

I have 3000+ users in EDIR with only 500 that exist in MAD( this is a
propriety system no way of getting rid of/merging MAD to EDIR) the users
already exist and have the same user names (basically these 500 users have
an account in MAD and an account in EDIR using the same user name but with
no sync of info between MAD and EDIR)

The users in EDIR exist in a single OU.
The users in MAD exist in lots of different OU’s

At present with the default set up, when a change is recognized the remote
driver is creating a new user in the MAD in DC=Users,DC=mydomain,DC=com.
(because a change was made on an account that doesn’t exist in
MAD…I assume)

Firstly I wouldn’t want it to create a new user, but more
importantly I would only want it to sync passwords, account disable,
password expired, account lock out, with an existing user in another
context i.e DC=class1,DC=School,DC=mydomain,DC=com but I also have
users in other contexts DC=class2,DC=School,DC=mydomain,DC=com and

So is there a way for the loader to search for an existing user no matter
where the user exists in MAD?
The 500 users in EDIR that have accounts with the same name in MAD do not
have any association with the MAD set at present.

It would be cool if I could create a group in EDIR and only members of
this group have there info synchronized with the MAD bi-directional.

only a beginner with IDM.

Many thanks