Let me first say that I'm a newbie in the Novell world and need some
I got this errormessage in my driver-trace recently. I have a jdbc-
driver that is connected to a db2 database. Everything worked out fine
some weeks ago, but now I am not able to adding the entry. The error
message isn't really a help I think... Does anybody have a clue what
the problem can be? I am running on idm 3.5.2 and the enviroment is
recently upgraded.

Is this an issue according to the mapping or schema or is it a
security issue (not enough rights for the driver to write into the

Please help me if anybody has an idea...

Thanks in advance...

------Trace as follows... -----

Drvrs : Palett PT:Performing operation add for orgActive-Users
Drvrs : Palett PT:Adding entry orgActive-UsersAA5345.
Drvrs : Palett PT:Creating RDN AA5345 in context orgActive-Users.
Drvrs : Palett PT:
DirXML Log Event -------------------
Driver: TREENAME---R-IDMDriverSet01Drivername
Channel: Publisher
Object: PK_IDU=1234567890,table=VIEW_USR,schema=SCHEMANAME (org
Status: Error
Message: Code(-9010) An exception occurred: