If I delete a user's association and try to re-migrate them, the association stays "migrate" and IDM says that the user already exists.

<status event-id="uh-idm#20071102193811#99#1" level="error" type="driver-general">
<ldap-err ldap-rc="68" ldap-rc-name="LDAP_ALREADY_EXISTS">
<client-err ldap-rc="68" ldap-rc-name="LDAP_ALREADY_EXISTS">Already Exists</client-err>
<server-err>00000524: UpdErr: DSID-031A0F4F, problem 6005 (ENTRY_EXISTS),data 0
<server-err-ex win32-rc="1316"/>

Where so I look to fix this?
cn is mapped to userPrincipleName