Thank you for your time!

I have been getting some calls about newly created accounts created in
eDIrectory that are not synchronizing to the metadirectory or Active
DIrectory. When I look at the account, they have a pending '2'
association but they have all required attributes by the driver. I will
modify an attribute that is in the driver filter and..Boom...they are
processed immediately and all is well. This happens sparatically (not for
all new accounts). We have also been having some production eDirectory
replication issues. I find the below error in the audit logs:

"java.lang.NumberFormatException: Missing GUID"

It seems to me that this error is probably being caused by the eDirectory
replication problems and not because of anything wrong with IDM.?? I
researched this error and found a little info about it. Father Ramon
answered this problem in Aug. of 06 by saying:

"The workaround is to add a policy that checks for GUID and CN in an add
event , and if they are missing, read them from the source and add them
to the operation."

I am not exactly sure how to write this policy. If I do this, will the
account keep trying to add itself until it is successfully processed? I
don't want to have to always go back to these accounts and modify them in
order for IDM to process them. Any ideas or help is greatly appreciated!!!

Thank you,