I need to create eDir accounts for a group of user that also use
Groupwise. I currently create a lot of eDir accounts for users but have
never had to deal with GroupWise before. I've noticed that eDirectory
templates have a tab for GroupWise specific information and so am
wondering if it is it possible to create the GroupWise accounts via an
eDir template rather than using the IDM GroupWise driver?

The accounts are going to be in a number of different OU's within eDir and
there are multiple GW PostOffices each of which will correspond with a
group of containers in eDir (subtree).
I believe I have all the data I need in my IDVault and can easily create
the eDir accounts but just don't know how to deal with the GroupWise

Any advise would be most welcome


ALSO: why was the format of the forumn pages modified? I much preferred
the previous interface and find it very difficult to search previous posts
(my apologies if this question has been raised before).