Hi all

I was having a well KNOWN and many times discussed problem:

My NotesServer did NEVER create the NDSREP.NSF.

To resolv this issue, I read all TIDs, and followed all Tips found out
there. The most summarising was the CoolSolution article "Troubleshooting
Connection and File Acccess Problems with Notes"

However - my NotesDriver was only able to Login to Notes - read the
dsrepcfg.ntf, create the required dsrepcfg.nsf, add the Configruation
Statement for the ndsrep.nsf File into it - but NEVER created the
ndsrep.nsf. From that point on, it looped, trying to access/creat this

Finaly I figured out the following: Manualy loading at NotesServer Console
the ndsrep.exe as follows: "load ndsrep [DriverName]" helped.
After adding this to my LotusNotes Server notes.ini at the End of the
"Server Tasks=..." Line (dont forget the comma before) it workes now all
the Time.

Now here commes my question - I read this Information to be put into the
INI File somewhen the Driver already works, but as far as I do understand
this, there should be no need to do this at the stage of the first run.
If you ask, regarding the PATH to the NotesDirectory - the answer is, yes
this is done - you can call the dsrep.exe anywhere and it is found and

So - if this is the standard way this works - i would ask then, where can
this be found at the documentation, or should this be put there for any
other fellow comming to this stage?