Hi Guys,

I have been tasked with migrating our current 2.x system to new hardware
as the old servers are running on a network range that does not route
on our corporate network.

I was wondering if it would be better to migrate to 3.51 than to try to
change the IP addresses of the servers.

My personal choice would be to upgrade by adding a new vault server to
the system. What would you guys suggest? We don't have any non standard
drivers only edir-edir edir - ad and edir to NT. Then I would like to
add a Users app server for network admin.( We currently have a webpage
that creates users via LDAP)

With the aim to upgrade I am busy putting together a project plan for
the upgrade of our current IDM 2 system to 3.5.

I was wondering if anyone here has had to do this recently and has
succeeded and would be prepared to share their learning curve with me.

I would appreciate any documentation or pointers on how it was accomplished.

Thanks again