I'll try to say in English what I'm intending to happen: We have a child
table of the indirect.usr class (indirect.usr_pos), which holds a
multivalued "Position" attribute. The attribute is concatenated data,
including an end date. On update and insert in the source AS400 DB, we want
to test for the addition of an end date (got that part), and then put a
future timestamped event to both delete the row in the indirect.usr_pos AND
delete the associated "Position" from the user object in E-Dir.

The problem is, when we put a type 4 record into the event log to delete a
row from "indirect.usr_pos by IDU, we obviously don't have enough "key" info
to hit the right row....

So, the question is, how would we go about putting a future row delete into
the event log, to delete from the indirect.usr_Pos, which then will trigger
the "normal" delete trigger on that table to cause the attribute change to
be populated to E-Directory?

I imagine we would have to specify IDU and the POSITION attribute, as it is
done when I delete a position in E-Directory and the driver generates this

= ? AND IDU = ?
[10/25/07 15:58:03.798]:### ST: IN @ index 1, field 'POSITION', length:
46, value = '01|0161|53226 |015153000|08/13/2007|10/24/2007'
[10/25/07 15:58:03.798]:### ST: IN @ index 2, field 'IDU', value = 61
[10/25/07 15:58:03.865]:### ST: COMMIT
[10/25/07 15:58:03.866]:### ST:END Transaction
[10/25/07 15:58:03.866]:### ST:SubscriptionShim.execute() returned:

Is this possible?... i.e. future date stamping a delete from the child
table, and can IDM do it? Help??