Currently I've got an IDM 3.0 installation running on Netware 6.5 sp7. It's
a cluster node and we've had some issues lately where it would just kind of
die, which is rather inconvenient since we have to migrate things off of
the node, remove it from the cluster, then restart the node. So we're
intending to install it on it's own box just to make it easier to deal with
restarts. We can do Netware, Linux or Windows for the engine hosting OS.
Is there any compelling factor to choose one over another?

Do I need a replica on the hosting box? (Will impact virtual vs physical
box) I don't have a separate Meta-directory, I just have the one
edirectory with a single partition, and then some connected applications.

After I move the engine to the new box I'm going to be upgrading to 3.5.1.

Thanks for any and all assistance.