I've created DirXML-Library and a mapping table inside this Library.
i used iManager to create both. this DirXML-Library lying in a container
in my Tree, not inside driverset.

I can use this mapping table with drivers and working fine.

now i want to promote this DirXML-Library and mapping table to QA env.

i choose 2 ways to promote.

Method 1:
Exported DirXML-Library object and object lying below this object in LDIF
file using ice command.

When I try to import this LDIF file in QA (DEV & QA has same schema) ICE
wizard giving error while importing LDIF. it creates only DIRXML-Library
object not Mapping table because attribute DIRXML-DATA has encrypted


I can export DirXML-Library and objects lying belows this object in XML
format using identity manager utilities --> Export configuration -->
choosing Library.
But wen i try to import this XML file in QA there is no option to import
library. it allows only to select driverset in Tree and search for
I don't want to have my Library and mapping table inside Driverset. i want
to have in different container.

can you pls help me.