i have suddenly a critical issue with SAP-HR driver in IDM 3.01.
- one idoc with sections for many users, but especially 2 User with
different workforceID (match-attr) and associations are bang into each
other as result of processing.
- in the trace i can see a mix between both users, User A with assoc. and
attr-values from User B and vice versa. The idoc seems good so far and is
changed to extension .done.
In this case i would be export a new idoc from SAP for only one of these
users, but this idoc will not be processed and changed to extension .fail.
Idea? Hope anybody can help!
Kind Regards

User with P0002:VORNA=Karin, workforceID/association=0xxxx384
User DxxxusP, VORNA=Peter, workforceID/association=0xxxx295 (sure!)
Mapping: Given Name = P0002:VORNA:none:134:25
Trace: the same for Surname(NACHN) too

<instance class-name="P" timestamp="20071018">
<attr attr-name="P0002:VORNA:none:134:25">
<value seqnr="000" timestamp="20070125-99991231">Karin</value>

<instance class-name="User" event-id="0"
qualified-src-dn="...CN=DxxxusP" src-dn="...DxxxausP" src-entry-id="35377">
<association state="associated">0xxxx295</association>
<attr attr-name="Given Name">
<value timestamp="1171147010#7" type="string">Peter</value>
<status event-id="0" level="success"></status>