I am using remote loader for my AD driver. This morning, two remote loader
services stop working. I am trying to create a policy that will trap the
"retry" status and email me, so I can fix the problem before user

I created condition as below and put it in the publish input
transformation and subscriber output transformation. (I did not know where
to put it, so I put in on both places).
<if-xpath op="true">@level='retry'</if-xpath>
<if-xpath op="true">@type='remoteloader'</if-xpath>

In my testing, I can see it did not go in the first condition
(level=retry). Did I put in the wrong place? Is there a way I can trap
this "retry" status? My environment is IDM 3.5 and edir on a Linux
server. Remote loaders are in windows 2003.

Thank you