I downloaded the IDM 3.5 password expiration driver developed by Lothar
Haeger and installed it on a lab machine to see how it works. After making
all necessary changes to the GCV's, I don't seem to get this driver to
work. The driver runs, and I can see it running through a trace, however,
my test users are not getting any notification.
All the sections in the GCV's are set to true regarding the "send e-mail
to user" option. In iManager under Password/E-mail server options, I have
the smtp server set up correctly and I created e-mail templates using the
template samples provided with the driver. Is there anything else I have
to do in addition to modifying the GCV's? I was under the impression the
driver worked almost out-of-the-box requiring changes to only the GCV's.
Am I wrong about that?

Another question off topic, how do I search any of these novell forums? I
have tried to use the search field on the top of the page, but I didn't
get anything from the forums itself.