i have a connector for sunone we have been using for subscription only. it
has been using a straight inetorgperson class.

now however, when i provision a user from the vault i have to add about 10
different objectclass's to the user's entry in sunone and one new
attribute associated with the one of the new objectclasses. objectclass's
must be added even without any attributes as the vendor says some new app
will not work unless the objectclasses are present.

i am totally confused if this can even be done, but i assume it should be
able too. I do not see how to use schema-mapping because i am only mapping
user-inetorgperson. i cannot let objectclass through too obviously. i have
tried adding an objectclass attribute but that also fails.

for example as a simple add this is what the ldap information will be in
the level3 trace right before it connects to sunone. I will blow off with
an objectclass violation of course because the "pdsloginid" is in a
different class(pdspersonoc). What i cannot figure out how to do is get
the objectclass pdspersonoc in this add. i am sure this is something
simple that for some reason i am not grasping.

dn: uid=jeff,ou=People, o=acme.edu, o=cp
sn: Johnson
mail: jeff@xx.xx
cn: Jeff
objectclass: inetOrgPerson
objectclass: organizationalPerson
objectclass: person
objectclass: top
givenname: Jeffrey
userpassword: <content suppressed>
uid: jeff
pdsLoginId: jeff

thanks for any help!