I have a question with two jdbc drivers where views are linked via a
common PK.

Every day, my identity vault get four or five users ; so my identity vault
is populated with a few users every day.
This identity vault is linked with two jdbc drivers : driver1 and driver2.
Driver1 and driver2 are connected on the same database : theDatabase.
Driver1 and driver2 are trigger less.

Driver1 is linked to "theDatabase" via a view "view1" which is associated
to a table : "table1".
Driver2 is linked to "theDatabase" via a view "view2" which is associated
to a table : "table2".

Table1 has one primary key : PK_UTI
Table2 has two primary keys : PK_UTI and PK_ROL

So the primary key PK_UTI is present in both tables.

My problem is, that when I get a new user from the Identity Vault, an add
event is launched on Driver1 and Driver2.
An entry is then created in table1 without problem.
But no entry is created in table2 because of non existing PK_UTI at the
moment where driver2 captures add event
(at the same moment that driver1 captures add event I suppose).

So does it exist a way to launch driver2 once driver1 has created entries
in table1 ?
Or is there an other way to solve this problem ?

Thank you,