Recently (last day or so) Server Utilization on one of my Identity manager
test servers has gone through the roof. it takes 4-5 minutes to open a
shell window, it takes 15 minutes or longer to sign into Imanager via a
workstation. The server is a p4 non hyper-threading CPU with 2 gig of
RAM, running OES sp2. It's currently running MSYQL, and it's the secure
logging server. It also runs Imanager and it has the indicated prereqs
for those services.

Using tops, the service that consistently pegs the machine is owcimomd. I
noticed some patches for a memory leak, but couldn't determine if they
were included in sp2. Do I need to apply the patches? Any other patches
that might address this issue? I'm currently running NSS on the machine,
is that required or can I remove it? Any help would be greatly