I'm still working (off and on) on getting my Identity Manager 3.5 system
installed and up and running in a test environment.

The test environment consists of 1 netware 6.5 server running the required
version of Edirectory and the other required prerequisites for the
MetaDirectory server. In addition, I'm running the metadirectory server
on it.

I'm also running Imanager 2.6 on a SUSE OES sp2 server. The suse server
is also running the Audit Starter pack and is serving as the audit server.
I'm also running MSQL 4.0.18 on it. It's hosting my Naudit database.
When installing the web based admin server from the metadirectory install
CD it looks like everything is going fine and at the end of the install I
see the following error message:

NMASInst.createNMASMethodCheckVersion failed, return value= -639. I also
see a bunch of failed to extend edirectory schema errors. I'm assuming
the edirectory errors are due to the fact that the schema was already
extended when I installed the metadirectory engine on the netware box.
Both servers are in the same tree and the Suse box has a R/W replica on
it. Any idea as to the cause of the NMASinst error?