NetWare 6.5.6 server is running IDM 3.5 engine with three drivers:
- eDir-to-eDir
- Active Directory
- Delimited Text

The IDM itself is operating just fine but the host NetWare server is
suffering from lack of disk space. The SYS: volume is 35 GB (!) and it
is almost full. Windows utils and NetWare itself notice only 2 GB of
data in SYS volume so 33 GB of disk space is missing.

I have located couple of log files in sys:_netware directory (view from
ADEP17~1.LOG 307 Mb 09/24/2007 23:21:12
ADMURS~1.LOG 0 Mb 09/24/2007 23:20:44

These files are open, when trying to view the files via CPQFM I receive
an error as follows:
It could be locked by somebody else.

The IDM driver should not have logging enabled. I have visited the
"misc" tab of all drivers (in iManager) and set log level to zero and
max log file size to 5 MB. And after that I restarted the drivers and
eventually rebooted the server.

But still these files are reserved!

Any tips how to free these IDM log files?
Is there something that I am missing regarding IDM logging?

BR, Harri