I have a driver set which contains two drivers :
a first JDBC driver which follows one direction : from database to
identity vault
a second LDAP driver which also follows one direction : from identity
vault to LDAP directory

The first driver is connected to a specific database called
The second driver is connected to a directory based on a test environment.

So, when I start both drivers, datas (representing users, for example
user1, user2, user3,..) created day after day in my "IdentityDataBase" are
populated in my Identity Vault and then in my directory test environment.
Datas are populated via a rule : the condition is based on the "add"
operation event associated to each creation of a user in
"IdentityDataBase"; and the action generates datas in identity vault and
then in directory test environment.

What I need to do now is to change the environment of my second driver. I
need to use a new integration environment (with different authentication
parameters) in place of the test environment.
But I also need to keep my previous datas (user1, user2, user3, ...) from
the identity vault and to generate these datas in the new environment of
my second driver.

Problem is that creation of data in the directory linked to my second
driver is based on the rule associated to the add operation event

Is there a solution to generate the existing datas (user1, user2, user3,
which ) in my second environment directory ?

Must I export, delete and import the second driver and apply it new
authentification parameters ?
If yes, which will be the consequences on the previous existing
associations ?

Does anyone have an idea ?
Thank you for your help,