We,ve a IDM installation (on Solaris 9: IDM 3.5, eDirectory 8.8.1)
as HA (I mean, two hosts set in an active-pasive cluster, ahd a sharing
storage device). For configuring it, we've followed the IDM Administration
Guide instructions for setting up HA on Linux (changing some items from
style to Solaris). And it works.

Now, we trying to do the same in another two hosts (the hardware and
is the same, excepting the eDirectory tree name). At first it looks fine
was working using the cluster ip address). But, when we've doing a basic
(changing the active node) the eDirectory access has been lost (and it also
happend if we go back to the primary node).

We can see the daemon "ndsd" is running, but in log file "ndsd.log" the
eDirectory traces only shows a sigle line, indicating if server is up or
(normally, we can see a large set of lines, indicating the nici state, the
setting up of the ldap services, etc):

[ -- DHost Logging STOPPED Thu Sep 20 12:47:43 2007 -- ]
[ -- DHost Logging STARTED Thu Sep 20 13:14:17 2007 -- ]