I have IDM 3.0.1 installed on NW6.5SP6 and eDir 8.8.1 (20114.28).

There I've got running an ADS driver and three LDAP drivers working
fine. The last of the LDAP driver I installed in july this year. I
didn't change anything since that time AFAIR.
Now I installed one more LDAP driver as a copy of the last one but this
driver won't start. I removed this driver and created a new one from
scratch with iManager (2.6) and with Desinger (3.0M1), too. Same result.

The driver is stopped. If I start the driver using iManager it takes a
while and then it seems running (yin-yang is showing). But the driver is
not working. If I request the driver status using the yin-yang-menu, the
symbol changes to blinking and tells me the driver "is starting".
I get no output at all in any logfiles I know (dstrace with loglevel 7).

The other drivers are working fine with log output. I can start and stop
them without any problems.

Does anybody have an idea what to do? How can I get some further debug
information? Are there any more logfiles beside the dstrace log?

Thanks so much in advance for any hints