I have the problem to enhance an existing IDM AD driver for the following:

- a windows software is reading the AD objectGUID from an
- the existing AD driver should synchronize the objectGUID to this
extension attribute

so I made a little test:
the driver reads the 'objectGUID' attribute within a rule of an event
transformation policy.
As result the value "TTTaDs35mkGtpRBQJKvFuQ==" is returned which I think
is base64 encoded.
My LDAP tools tells me the value "4D 34 DA 0E CD F9 9A 41 AD A5
10 50 24 AB C5 B9" (Softerra LDAP Browser).
So far ok.

My question is if I "write" the base64 encoded value to the extension
attribute with IDM functionality will it be the same as the 'objectGUID'
attribute? I ask in this forum because if have no AD system with the
extensions in my lab.

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