Hello All,

this was discussed many times in this FORUM, and I can understand in
General how it theoreticly works - but I was unable to do it finaly (Spent
much more then 5 Minutes doing this).

Goal - Creating a User in eDir based on a specific ADS GroupMembership.

Problem - the ADS is Member "Attribute" in ADS is just a Query, not an
Attribute, therefore if a User becomes Member of a Group, there is no REAL
Attribute at the User Side which changes, therefore NO event happens at
the UserSide. The Only visible Event is the one at the GroupSide.

Possible Solution - Take the Event at the Group - Evaluate the User(s)
affected, and create a NEW Create Events for EVERY New User added to the
Group or other Way arround, removed from the Group.

Alternat Solution - it might be possible, using Entitlements, although
this is not much fun with older Versions of IDM, therefore I do NOT
preferre this, befor IDM 3.5

--> I beleive this Question/Solution is from GENERAL interresst to everyone,
therefore I would ask someone to post a working EXAMPLE. I am willing to Pay
250 EUR for his time in favor to everyone beeing in this problem already - so
a solution is available to everyone, and leveraging IDM again.