So far - so good. But how do you also include what type of operation the
non-succes was given to?

You have the

<if-operation op="equal">status</if-operation>
<if-xpath op="true">@level!='success'</if-xpath>

How do I tell that it was given to a Add or Ren or Del etc.
ex: <if-operation op....... Add......>

Martin Eilsøe

"Jeff Johnson" <> skrev i en meddelelse
> Here is a policy I have on a the subscriber output that send email on
> non-succcess. you may be able to tailor it for your needs.
> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><!DOCTYPE policy
> PUBLIC "policy-builder-dtd"
> "/home/jeff/designer/eclipse/plugins/com.novell.designer.idm.policybuilder_1.2.0.200612 061340/DTD/dirxmlscript.dtd"><policy>
> <description>This policy sends email in event of a transaction
> without a
> SUCCESS code.</description>
> <rule>
> <description>Email the status</description>
> <comment xml:space="preserve">If the status level does not
> equal SUCCESS,
> send an email alert to</comment>
> <comment name="author" xml:space="preserve">Jeff
> Johnson</comment>
> <comment name="version" xml:space="preserve">1.0</comment>
> <comment name="lastchanged"
> xml:space="preserve">08-05-01</comment>
> <conditions>
> <and>
> <if-operation
> op="equal">status</if-operation>
> <if-xpath
> op="true">@level!='success'</if-xpath>
> </and>
> </conditions>
> <actions>
> <do-send-email server="" type="text">
> <arg-string name="to">
> <token-text
> xml:space="preserve"></token-text>
> </arg-string>
> <arg-string name="subject">
> <token-text
> xml:space="preserve">ALERT</token-text>
> </arg-string>
> <arg-string name="message">
> <token-xpath expression="@level"/>
> <token-text xml:space="preserve">
> has occurred on </token-text>
> <token-xpath
> expression="object-dn"/>
> </arg-string>
> </do-send-email>
> </actions>
> </rule>
> </policy>
> wrote:
>> Does anyone know how to capture a successful account creation or a
>> successful deletion throught the trace or some other method???? (I am
>> dealing with eDir and AD acounts only)
>> I want to send an email notification to notify when an account is
>> created....without errors. I posed this question a while back, and
>> someone suggested that you have to know how to capture this 'success
>> event' throught the trace......but I am not sure how to do that.
>> It would seem that there should be some way (that isn't too
>> complicated...maybe?) to 'pick up' on this. Can anyone point me in the
>> right direction or let me know how to do this?
>> Thanks so so much in advance, Jordan