Hi there,
I use to get moves to work until I had to change my matches from the unique
attribute to the workforceID. Now I cannot understand why it will not work.
Attached is a dstrace of the transaction. I have two AD drivers connected
to one IDVault. Each AD driver is on its own Netware server running OES sp2
with IDM 3.0.1. Half of the replicatas are on each server connected to a AD
DC. Win2003. Each OU in Netware has an association with both drivers in
order for the moves to go between drivers. Like I said, it use to work but
I have been trying to figure out why it will not now. Could someone look
over the trace file and see what you think. I just need an extra set of
eyes to check it out. All I see now is a blur. Thank you....Rob.