I know that this issue was stretched last weeks really hard, but I still
have some problems.
I followed the cool solution tip 19323 and installed the C32, created a
local user, made him member of the Administrator group and used this
account for the DirXML Remote Loader Notes service. The same account with
the same password exists in eDir and has full access to the noted ID files
The user is logged on on the Notes Box with this account, a drive is mapped
to the Notes ID file (K:\user in this example). If I use K:\user\user.id
for the user-id-file parameter, I will get an 6402 error. So I tried
various combinations of \\server name\volume\user\user.id and
\\IP-of-Server\volume\user\user.id. In these cases I got an 5979 error,
were I could no info at all about.

Any Ideas what I missed? Do I have to configure CIFS? (I don't wanna do
this really). The server is a cluster based on NW65SP6.

Any help is appreciated.